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Prachovské skályPrachovské Felsen

Prachovske Rocks

The easternmost rock city of the Bohemian Paradise lies near by Jičín. It originated from the remnants of a sandstone plateau, broken up by ravines and gullies. It is characterized by slim towers and pillars with striking vertical cracks and corners. Tourists are attracted to this area mainly by the dense network of marked tourist trails with frequent viewpoints which reveals the interior of rock city. The favourite places include Americká sluj (American Cave), Císařská chodba (Emperor's Coridor) and especially Vyhlídka Českého ráje (Viewpoint of the Bohemian Paradise) from which are visible two dominant towers Prachovská jehla (Prachov Needle) and Prachovská čapka (Prachov Cap). In the north-western part of Prachovské Rocks is the remarkable castle Pařez (Stump) chiselled into a rock. Near by Tourists chalet is found a nice wood bathing pool Pelíšek (Little Nest).

Prachovské Rocks with Trosky castle on background
Left Rektorky towers, right Prachov Needle
From Emperor's Coridor


Fortna coridor
Tourists chalet
Prachovske Rocks in winter

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